Finis SWIMP3
  • Finis SWIMP3
  • Finis SWIMP3

Finis SWIMP3

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  • Waterproof MP3 player
  • Plays music via Bone Conduction technology through your bones, no ear buds needed
  • 1GB of storage for approximately 240 songs
  • Compatible with Mac’s and PC’s
  • Plays common files such as MP3 and WMA files
  • Enjoy Music, Audiobooks and Podcasts
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The SwiMP3.1G is a waterproof mp3 player created with a unique innovative sound transfer technology that offers exceptional underwater sound clarity. The completely redesigned waterproof MP3 player utilizes bone-conduction technology to transmit high-fidelity sound underneath the water.

Standard players rely on the transmission of sound through air or water which causes the swimmer to perceive only muffled noise. Because the SwiMP3 uses bone conduction, the sound vibrations are able to be directly transferred from the cheek bone to the inner ear, giving the swimmer the ultimate sensory experience.

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